21/04/2014 15:51

You know, i've been thinking. There's always someone in your life you hate ,that you want to rip apart and eat for lunch, but have you ever thought about why you hate them 

Do you hate them cause :

  • You are Jealous
  • You are upset about yourself
  • They're annoying (but they don't know it)


But if they have been mean to you that a whole other story. Just remember 

A flower grows on even the ugliest sides of people.


06/02/2014 16:45

Hey listen up you know how theres always that one person (or two or ten) that annoy you everywhere you go. the people who you wish would just explode into a billlion tiny tiny pieces and just float of for all infinity. well trust me i know they've been following me for like ..ALL ETERNITY well just a piece of advice: stick with the people you know ,test them and see if you trust them and just ignore those you hate. and if you're like me and are a total GEEK than just enjoy what you love. Be unique  (trust me only you can totally rock that chic!) Dont let them ruin what you love. and trust me do not be a follower be the trend setter!


30/01/2014 15:22

hey everybody I did a really important test today so wish me luck but that's not what I want to talk to you about listen if your ever nervous calm down take your time think about it if you rush you're only going to miss important info so moral is...KEEP CALM AND BEAT ADRENALINE.

First blog

14/01/2014 18:41

Our new blog has been launched today.I am sooo exited here I will talk about whats on and whats nots not so be sure to come in and check whenever you can